You Juice Because You’re Wise

buddhaYou juice because it’s the most efficient way of delivering essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your body. You juice because you’re modern and urban, and understand it’s the only way to undo the ruckus we put our bodies through. You juice because how else can you possibly consume 10 pounds of vegetables a day. You juice because it’s the most natural way of cleansing your body.

Our Mission

missionBluetree is dedicated to helping each customer achieve a life wonderfully balanced by proper nutrition. We believe in the wholistic approach to life. There is no “this way”. There’s only “your way”. We support your health, happiness and hectic schedule. We help juggle your balancing act. We offer “to go” cleanse programs, specifically tailored just to you, juices, foods and other treats.

It’s Life Changing

lifechangingBluetree succeeds in moving beyond standard food-service. Bluetree becomes actively involved in educating each customer in promoting their own sense of health-awareness and well-being. We encourage you to view our heath menu options and learn about Cleansing, Post-Cleansing and choosing the right Cleanse for you. Because being healthy is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that we live by at Bluetree! We go far beyond our menu items of coffee, tea, fresh and house made juice, blends, elixirs, breakfast, lunch, and “to go” options.

Our Customer Relationship

customersEvery team member is trained extensively on holistic living and acts as a guide to expanding every customers’ knowledge of our products, why organic and local is important to both their health, but also to our planet. At Bluetree, each customer has the opportunity to create their own holistic nutrition experience, as well as partake in complimentary individual coaching sessions to help them meet their health goals. We don’t just say it; we truly offer the best possible ingredients on the market and are on the forefront of organic and sustainable living. We care about our customers and enjoy being a part of helping them achieve a life wonderfully balanced by proper nutrition.

Simple Standards

gmoWe source our produce locally and organically whenever possible. We support farms, say NO to GMO’s, YES to bottling in glass, YES to making our own nut milks and raw beverage creations. YES to nutrients to make you, um… Superhuman. Check! We offer both centrifugal and cold-press juices. In cold-pressing we apply 7 tons of pressure to produce the purest, most nutrient-rich product to make you, um, Superhuman. Oh, we never use GMO’s, say NO to HPP, and use glass bottles because we believe in you, your health, and our planet too.