Starting Your Cleanse

Starting Your Cleanse.


To assure you get the most out of your cleanse, we recommend modifying your diet up to a week before starting the cleanse and you eliminate:

•  Coffee
•  Nicotine
•  Alcohol
•  Refined Sugar
•  Processed Food

In place of these items, we suggest you consume 70% raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with an ample amount of water to keep you hydrated. An ideal way to prepare for your cleanse is to have 2-4 juices during the day and a dinner consisting of a large salad with steamed vegetables as you would like. Limit meat and whole grains as much as possible. Also, be sure to increase your fiber intake.


Drink a juice every 2-3 hours to ensure you are providing your body with adequate nutrition throughout the day. Water is extremely important during your cleanse as it flushes out your organs, blood and toxins. As the juices saturate your body with nutrients, your cells will release toxins for the water to carry away. As you become a more experienced cleanser, you will learn how your body responds best. The process will become easier over time and the results will enhance each time you cleanse. The process allows your digestive system to rest, and aids in the absorption of nourishing living enzymes and nutrients. We can all benefit by eliminating toxins and flooding our body with nutrients.


Coming off your cleanse properly is VERY important.

1. The day after your cleanse, drink juices, smoothies, eat soups and consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
2. Do not binge the day after your cleanse. Use this new experience to build momentum toward a more healthy lifestyle.

Implementing a Lifestyle Change

We hope you incorporate and adapt parts of the cleanse into your every day routine. Once you have achieved your cleanse results, maintaining is simple if you follow what you have learned. The best maintenance program includes keeping your diet clean:

•  Follow the 70/30 rule.  70% fresh (preferably organic) fruits, nuts and vegetables and 30% reasonable choices (life = balance).
•  DRINK!  Your nutrients: 2 fresh juices and hydrate with enough water per ounce of body weight.
•  SWEAT!  Exercise regularly and try the sauna or a yoga class.
•  EXFOLIATE!  Dry brush your skin regularly.
•  DIGESTION!  Fiber is key — at least 1-2 teaspoons 5 times per week.
•  GET MASSAGED!  Massage helps to release toxins stored in your tissues and is so important for health and rejuvenation.
•  MEDITATE!  Find any form of peace and quiet that works for you. Start with 10 minutes a day and work up from there.