After Your Cleanse

After Your Cleanse

The most important part of any juice cleanse is what you do during the days following it.

Post Cleanse Plan

Despite what you may think, the most important part of any juice cleanse is what you do during the days following it. A juice cleanse is truly a reset for your body. You are cleaning out toxins and essentially giving your body a clean slate to work with. During this time, your body and mind are impressionable to any positive habits you take on.

Because of your cleanse, your body has started to adapt to the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits because of the vast amount of nutrients it has consumed from the juices. It is now EASIER to adapt to these foods and habits which will further keep your health on an upward positive trend.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not take advantage of the body in this state and end up consuming large unhealthy meals which will set everything back.

The best thing to do after a cleanse is to mimic it as much as possible in the days following. It is important to not lose your focus. SLOWLY introducing foods and fiber back into your daily routine is key. It is also important to continue to consume fresh juices and smoothies during this process.

Typically, the Post Cleanse Plan should be followed for 5-7 days after a cleanse for best results. In that time, you will be able to figure out what works best for you and what you may need to change about your diet and lifestyle habits.

Key Points


Remember, this is a tool to use to get you to change your lifestyle. A lifestyle change requires dedication, intuitiveness and a constant strive to chance for the better. The ultimate goal is to get your body to crave and consume the most healthy fuel that nature has to offer in order for your body and mind to function at its best.


If you are an athletic person, you must relate the intensity of your workouts to the fuel you are consuming. This means that the first few days after a cleanse, your workouts should be very low-impact (brisk walking) and move into higher intensity as you are able to fuel yourself more. It is important to remember that this happens on an individual basis.

Meal of the Day

Your meal of the day is your chance to re-introduce yourself to more solid (healthy) foods. Keep it light and raw at first and add more healthy carbs and fats each day until you reach a combination that works best for you. Some people may find that they end up functioning better without wheat, meat, dairy or soy. Again, it is all individual, so keep listening!

One Day Cleanse

It may be beneficial for you to complete a one day cleanse once per week. This means you will jump back on the cleanse program for one whole day to give your body an additional chance to rid toxins and reset your body, mind and positive habits.

Ask For Help

The great benefit of completing a cleanse at Bluetree is that we care about your progress. We have cleanse specialists on staff to answer questions who are also health coaches that can guide you through this amazing process and help you get to the best version of YOU.

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